Microgreens Info

The benefits of micro greens are beginning to become widely known – in addition to being a nutrient-dense superfood, the intense flavors and creative opportunities that these tiny greens afford are a boon to any kitchen and to your health. Recent studies have shown micro greens contain anywhere from 4-40 times the vitamins and minerals when compared to their mature forms. One sure way to get enough nutrition into your body in a biochemical available form is a steady diet of micro greens.

Micro greens make a great addition to any number of dishes, and the sunflower and pea shoots make a surprisingly substantial salad base. For the creative chef at home or in the restaurant kitchen, the vibrant colors and intricate shapes of micro greens make even the dullest of plates pop with flare. And don’t be afraid to add micro greens to your green smoothies, soups, pestos, etc. The opportunities are virtually endless with this super food!

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CSA Sign Up

Interested in getting micro greens from The Grove for your home or restaurant?  The Grove grows microgreens year round – in greenhouses in the summer and indoors under grow lights in the winter. Sign up below to get yours!

CSA Membership FAQs

  • Micro greens are delivered twice a week in the Talkeetna area various locations, pick-up at the Grove, and possible home deliveries are options) and once a week to Anchorage (locations TBD) and in between. We will happily deliver to any restaurants in the Talkeetna and Anchorage areas, and anywhere  in between.
  • A 12-consecutive-week commitment is required for all custom orders. All other purchases can be made at the Talkeetna Farmers Market at the Fairview Inn on Fridays from 5-8pm from May to September. Varieties and volumes at the farmers market are not guaranteed.
  • Varieties and volumes with memberships orders (inquire below) are all but guaranteed with a 100% customer satisfaction or your money back!
  • Sign up below for more info or print the form for your workplace. After submitting your inquiry, we will follow up with you within a day or 2 to answer any more questions. And if you’d like to become a member to the program and we have the capacity to serve you, we’ll happily add you to the membership. Thank you so much for supporting local food, local business, and your health and wellness!

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