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Hope everyone is hitting their full summer stride and ready for salmon season. You know what they say, the only thing better than a fresh, baked filet of salmon is a filet of salmon on top of a bed of fresh, crisp micro greens ☺
Farm News: Things are fabulous, as always, on the farm! We’ve been hard at work clearing fence line out back to get the animals out there doing what they’re meant to be doing – eating fresh, unprocessed food, clearing, scratching, cultivating, fertilizing, and otherwise doing what chickens and goats enjoy doing. But like they always say, take any given project you have in mind and double the expected time and cost. But it’s shaping up and they’ll be out there soon enough.

BHF Petting Zoo Market: Don’t forget about the Bare Hands Farm Petting Zoo Market held every Tuesday evening at The Grove from 5-9pm. Come grab a goat and some greens, fresh from the Tuesday harvest (just the greens, of course) at the BHF Tuesday Market!

Farmers’ Market: We had a great last week and sold out at the first Live at 5 Farmers’ Market. It was so great to see all of you that made it out. What good energy, especially with some of our new vendors. If you haven’t made it out, you need to come experience this wonderful environment of music and food, every Friday from 5-8pm at the Fairview Inn Beer Garden.

Micro Greens: Greens will be in somewhat short supply this week, as I continue to get my sowing/harvest times dialed in. The sunflower in particular have such a short window to be harvested, and 2 bins worth this week were ‘tweeners (too early for the Friday harvest and too late for the Tuesday harvest), rendering them essentially unsellable. However, we’ll still have some Mild and Spicy Mix, as well as Red Russian Kale, Arugula, and Asian Mix. There may be another Amaranth harvest by Friday, but more likely it will be next Tuesday.

Pick-ups: There has still been some minor confusion/mis-communication in regards to pick-ups and deliveries for weekly and non-weekly customers. Unless you are a weekly customer and have confirmed a specific delivery day with me (of whom I believe I have only 1 at the moment), I cannot anticipate which day you’ll be picking them up, and cannot risk not selling them if others want them that day. So unless you are 100% sure that we have arranged a specific pick-up of your greens, please shoot me an email, text, or call, and I’ll try to make sure that you get what you want on the day that you want them.

And finally, if you are a business owner or individual who would like greens on Tuesday or Friday, but would rather not come to the BHF Tuesday Market or the Farmers’ Market, I would be happy to deliver those greens to you (within a reasonable radius of The Grove – certainly between Talkeetna and Sunshine) if you purchase a minimum of $10 worth of produce.

Thank you so much for your support and please contact us with any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions.

– Graham and Mindy

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