In the world that once was Bare Hands Farm... Hope I didn't startle anyone. Just because this is the final "Bare Hands Farm" newsletter, certainly doesn't mean it's "our" last newsletter. On the contrary, to your delight or dismay, there are many, many more to come!...

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In the world of Bare Hands Farm... Oh what crazy times have found us here at Bare Hands Farm! House concerts, yoga retreats, duck roasts, wedding planning, micro greens, new animals, oh my! Grove News: The yoga retreat went splendidly! Mindy and I weren’t able to be...

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In the world of Bare Hands Farm... Hello again, everyone! Lots going on with Bare Hands Farm as we continue to make big strides through this summer of 2015! Plants and animals are flourishing, land is being cultivated and made fertile, infrastructure is being...

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In the world of Bare Hands Farm... Greetings, everyone! I hope you all are finding a way to stay cool in this hot, dry heat and that nobody is being directly affected by the Sockeye Fire. We live in a fragile environment with lots of burnable fuel lying about. It’s...

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In the world of Bare Hands Farm... Hope everyone is hitting their full summer stride and ready for salmon season. You know what they say, the only thing better than a fresh, baked filet of salmon is a filet of salmon on top of a bed of fresh, crisp micro greens ☺ Farm...

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