Pigs have become an indispensable element to our farm. Their functions are really endless – tilling and developing land, fertility, social offerings, and of course pork! Despite popular belief, pigs are intelligent, fastidious, resourceful, and friendly creatures of whom we have become absolutely smitten. They’re always there to greet you with a friendly grunt, especially if you have some food or willing to offer a belly rub. Their behaviors truly brighten the spirit of our farm.

Our Talkeetna meat CSA focuses on pig shares and piglets, part of the whole ecosystem at our cold climate permaculture alaska farm

They are also surprisingly easy to manage. With the evolution of electric farm fencing, these beastly creatures need only a few strands of electrified poly wire to be contained. And in the rare event that they do escape, they are easily coaxed back into their paddocks with whatever delicious treat you have on-hand.

On our cold-climate permaculture Talkeetna Farm, pigs are an integral species loved by Talkeetna CSA customers

We practice rotational grazing techniques with perrenial grasses and clovers, as well as other annual legume, brassica, and other forages. We also consider these pigs to be “forest-raised” meaning they spend a good amount of their lives in the woods, where they have evolved, are most at home, and can find a diverse array of natural forage. True to popular belief, pigs will eat just about anything, but we are continually experimenting with the forages that grow best in our climate and that are most nutritious for the pigs.

People looking for alaska volunteer opportunities sometimes end up on our cold climate permaculture farm - a farm in Talkeetna Alaska - helping with the Talkeetna CSA parts of our operation, including taking care of the Meat CSA pigs and piglets

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