Heirloom Garlic


After 2 seasons of growing out heirloom seed garlic and expanding our supply, this is the first time we’ve put some up for sale! It’s a combination of Music, Georgian Fire, German White, and Romanian Red, these varieties are guaranteed to blow you away with their taste. Most will be a bit spicier than store-bought varieties, but we haven’t felt that any that we’ve tried have been overpowering. This very limited supply is at our introductory prices before we get the system fully dialed in, where we’ll likely raise prices to more accurately reflect what we’ve put in to grow them. Our harvest was down a bit from the previous year, likely due to the dry summer we had, and we harvested at a particularly muddy time, so the skins are a bit dirtier than we’d like, but should not affect quality in any way. Ours lasted well into the spring last year to give you an idea of what to expect in terms of shelf life, so long as their stored in a cool, dry location.

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1 lb. of fresh heirloom garlic cloves.


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