A diverse blend of plants and animals co-exist on our Alaska cold-climate permaculture farm.  Through this regenerative system our Talkeetna farm aims to produce food, fiber, and natural medicinals for ourselves, those who live and stay with us, as well as the greater Talkeetna area, the Susitna Valley, and in some cases, the state of Alaska.

Our food forest and our interns & volunteers are crucial elements of The Grove.  They provide foundational support for the whole operation, which includes a robust microgreens program and a variety of other products. Our Alaska permaculture farm features a diverse array of edible landscaping methods and techniques that are on display at the farm for visitors, guests, and tour participants.

The Farmstead at The Grove represents a desire for sustainability, resiliency, and health for us and the other residents here, as well as the health of the planet. We are students of a diverse array of sustainable farming and other regenerative practices and are witnessing a steady warming trend in the world, and are therefore experimenting with newest, most creative production approaches and pushing the boundaries to what is possible in Alaska. We wish to share our skills, methods, and tools with others who maintain similar goals and look to collaborate with those who would like to help us progress in this mission, and also those who are seeking experience and knowledge. We invite you to enjoy this farm slideshow and to come share in our journey!

In our regenerative system, nothing is wasted. Our micro greens stems and roots are given to the chickens to provide them a supplementary, quality food source. The remaining potting soil and chicken manure produces an incredible compost at the end of the system!  This slideshow features the ladies loving their microgreens.

For more information on happenings on our cold-climate permaculture farm, check out the blog.  (While it’s tough to keep up with writing during the very busy growing season, the Alaska winters present opportunities to share more about all the things happening when we’re not writing.)

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