Simply put, we at The Grove view the food forest as the most highly evolved, resilient, sustainable, and important system for the prosperity of humanity moving forward with the many tipping points we have surpassed and the many more we are approaching.  As a cold-climate permaculture farm in Talkeetna, Alaska, the resiliency provided by our food forest is especially important.

As we learn subsistence living in Alaska, we are grateful for the help of our cold-climate permaculture internship volunteers. These Talkeetna farm volunteers help provide Talkeetna grown products to the community when they take advantage of Alaska volunteer opportunities

The initial major planting of the first section of the food forest on our cold-climate permaculture Talkeetna farm.

People who volunteer on farms alaska help us grow our cold climate permaculture food forest

Our first grafted apple trees gifted to us for our wedding – they made it through the winter!

This slideshow showcases some of the moments and features of our cold-climate permaculture food forest here at The Grove farm in Talkeetna.  Enjoy!

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