The Amanita Tiny House

Form and function on the micro scale.

There’s a reason people are pining over tiny houses these days. Because they’re understanding that simpler is usually better. Could you simplify your life to this beautifully diminutive scale? Come find out! Even if you have no desire to live in such a dwelling, come experience this marvel of efficiency if only for a night!

How to Book

Signing up for Airbnb get's you $40 off your first rental of $75 or more. You will need to search for the "The Nomad Cabin at The Grove Farmstead" in Talkeetna, AK after signing up. Note: at very slow times of the year, we may decrease the Airbnb rate to under $75 (the minimum for the discount to take effect). If this is the case, please let us know and we'll increase the fee back to $75 so that you may enjoy the best deal renting the Nomad Cabin.

If you'd like to book directly through The Grove:


  • Phone - 907.414.9128

  • Email -

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