Stay in one of The Grove’s many lodging options, or take a tour of our farmstead property with one of our beloved reindeer.

A Walk in the Woods with REINDEER!

$40/adult, $20/child (12 and under), 2 and under are free!

Experience our one-of-a-kind arctic homestead with our lovely reindeer and our historic cabin with its fabled ceiling murals that have been dubbed, “The Sistine Chapel of Alaska”! We’ll wind through our private nature trails observing, smelling, feeling, tasting, and learning all about this unique ecosystem and its edible and medicinal treasures with our ‘deer, Sophie and Phoebe! Then we’ll finish up in our beautiful cabin consuming our favorite homesteading goodies.

We’ll first meet the ‘deer and learn all about this mysterious creature of the arctic. They’ll guide us through our cultivated homestead and natural boreal forest, as we sift through the many edible and medicinal plants. Depending on the season, here’s what you may encounter:

Witness the highly medicinal chaga mushroom emerging from a slowly dying birch tree. Pick some labrador tea to enjoy at the conclusion of the tour. See why Devil’s Club is so visually intimidating, but is also edible and medicinal. Taste the sweet astringency of plump black currants or the delicate floral notes of the abundant wild rose. Hear the soft music of the trembling aspen and smell the tell-tale spring fragrance of the poplar buds.

We’ll conclude our tour in the cabin where we’ll nibble on an array of homesteading snacks and drink tea made from the plants we just experienced, and also learn about some of our preservation techniques.

Highlights of The Grove

The Grove is both a retreat and nature center, as well as a farmstead. We have many different options for accommodations, farm tours, guided nature walks, trails, livestock, gardens, aquaponics, and more.

High-Speed Internet
A beautiful, rustic venue in Talkeetna providing a wedding venue in Talkeetna, a retreat center in Talkeetna Alaska, a meeting space in Talkeetna, and a workshop venue in Talkeetna
Full Kitchen
sistine chapel of Alaska on the ceiling of The Grove alaska permaculture farm that also functions now as a Talkeetna venue and provides Talkeetna lodging
Sistine Chapel of Alaska
Private Nature Trails
Farm Animals

Meet Our Team – The Knapps

The Grove is a small, loving, intergenerational family farm and lodging operation. We believe in sustainability and regenerative practices to ensure the prosperity of our land for future generations.

Graham Knapp


Mindy Knapp


Arlo Knapp


Silas Knapp


Zeke Knapp



See the pics below for a small taste of what awaits you at The Grove!

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